Our Little Paper Pantry blossomed from our love of all things stationery! We’ve both always had a love for cute gift tags and vintage cards with quirky sayings, bright stickers with special designs, unique papers with different textures and shades.  

To add to the mixture, we enjoyed creating wonderful things with our hands, we had an eye for colour, sweet treats and yummy desserts! And the cherry on top... we adored the 1950’s: from the glamorous timeless fashion to the idea of the perfect housewife, ‘a domestic goddess’. This era is a popular ingredient in many of our designs.

To complete the recipe, we both had a little something extra special to sweeten our lives – our love for God. We both believe in the beauty of making God our executive director and confidante and that’s why we feel that The Little Paper Pantry was simply meant to be!

Here at the Little Paper Pantry, we believe that stationery is a unique statement about who you are. That’s why each and every piece can be designed to put what you have in mind on paper. Many of our designs are influenced by our clients’ visions. We can turn your thoughts and ideas into a printed reality!